Hatch & Hype

Hatch + Hype offers dedicated tent spaces and marketing materials to showcase your products, receive real-time feedback, and be part of a thriving marketplace that celebrates fresh flavors and supports local businesses. Embrace the opportunities that Hatch + Hype has to offer and let’s cultivate success together.



  • Low-Barrier Entry: Benefit from a low-cost, low-barrier opportunity to engage directly with customers at farmers’ markets in a vibrant, dedicated space for new vendors.
  • Realize Business Ideas: Hatch + Hype provides the platform to test market your product and receive valuable feedback from consumers.
  • Access Resources: Gain access to promotional materials, low-cost liability insurance, and educational opportunities to support business growth.


  • Promote New Products: Utilize Hatch + Hype to further promote new products, collaborations, and innovations within your existing market space.
  • Boost Business Exposure: Leverage promotional materials provided by Hatch + Hype to increase visibility and attract more customers.
  • Strengthen Market Presence: Enhance market reputation by showcasing products at the forefront of innovation and culinary trends.
  • Amplify Your Reach: Expand your customer base and gain exposure! The vibrant Hatch + Hype tent and marketing materials attracts a diverse and enthusiastic crowd eager to discover unique flavors. Showcasing your delicious creations here means reaching new customers who are excited to support local, emerging businesses like yours.